Vancouver Life Coach & Parent Coach

Parent Coaching

Do you feel the need to change your parenting style? Do you want to become calmer, more aware, and more in control of yourself as a parent? Do you want to be the best role model that you can be for your children? As a Life Coach specializing in Parental Coaching, I will support you in positively transforming your relationships with your children, your spouse and yourself. Read More+

Life Coaching

Do you want to make changes in your life? Do you want to live a life of meaning, fulfillment, and joy? As a Life Coach I will support you in achieving excellence in your desired area and I will guide you to facilitate the necessary change so that you can achieve your goals. As your Life Coach I will help you clarify your vision of your future and support you in creating a plan of how to get there.Read More+


Do you want to excel at communicating? Do you want to become aware and in control of how your mind works and of how you react and interact with the environment around you? Do you want to overcome phobias? Working with an NLP practitioner who also has expertise in Life Coaching will help you achieve the transformation you strive for.Read More+

Based in Vancouver BC, I am committed to offer my Life Coaching and Parent Coaching services to individuals and families  around the globe, leveraging my experience in phone coaching. Counsellor in Training UBC Counselling Psychology Department of Education.